wednesday 3/12

How can iMovie or any other video production tool help a person or organization spread an important message?

by spreading it on the internet and then people will watch it and the people that watch it will tell more people to watch it and then you will get a lot of views

Thursday 1/30

What are some examples of projects that you have completed on a computer for school and what is one computer or web application or website that you would want to try to use for a project?

I have completed some Powerpoint projects and Microsoft Word projects.

Prezi would be a app that i would like to try and also Microsoft Exel .

Friday 1/24

Why do you think it is important to be a good typist and how do you think having good typing skills could help you in college?

It is important because most jobs deal with typing these days. Having good typing skills in college could help you with certain jobs and projects.